Mk-1 Licensor version 1.0
Mk-1 Licensor is a software product designed for software companies. Software piracy is rampant and growing today. In fact, it was up 40% in 2006 compared to 2005. Internet enables quick downloads of software. License keys or registration information of most software products can be found on the internet without paying for these products. This license key or registration code allows software pirates to use software for free. Also in a lot of cases, registration information is shared by colleagues, friends and family. A License key is meant to be used on a single computer in most cases. But you can easily find that one registration information being used on many different computers. Several people use this software for the price of one. More and more people are discovering that the registration information can be found on the internet without purchasing the software. It is spreading by the word of mouth.

As a software maker, we know that it takes a lot of resources and thousands of man hours to create good software. We call these people who misuse or share their registration information, ‘Software Criminals’. Due to growing popularity of internet and of CD burners, we expect software piracy to grow, if given a chance. There are laws against software pirates, but no effective ways to catch these software criminals. That is why, although software piracy is a growing crime in our society, we hardly ever hear of someone being investigated or prosecuted because of it.

Mk-1 Licensor v1.0
We believe that the only way to stop this crime is by not giving it a chance to spread, by removing the fundamental flaw that ‘although a license key is can be used only on one computer legally, it can be used on any computer technically’.

Mk-1 Licensor addresses this issue by creating a unique License Key for each computer on which the software is installed. The License Key generated by the Mk-1 Licensor is tied to the Disk Serial Number of the C:\ drive of the computer. This disk serial number is unique to each computer and is assigned randomly when the hard drive is formatted. In other words, people do not have control over disk serial number. This will reduce software piracy and copyright infringement of software, if not eradicate it completely. We believe that no software product should be without Mk-1 Licensor within it. It allows software maker to not only decrease or eradicate software piracy but also helps them provide better customer service through better customer relationship management at a very low cost.
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Note: Please review the Mk-1 Licensor Guide to understand Mk-1 Licensor terms such as License Frame, Mk-1 Licensor Desktop, Smart License Key Manager (SLKM), etc.
Click Smart License Key Manager Demo to review a web based demonstration of 'Smart License Key Manager' tool. Review Chapter 5 of Mk-1 Licensor Guide for details.

License Frame Price: $599.99
License Key for Mk-1 Licensor Desktop: $59.99
System Requirements:
  • Recommended: Intel Pentium processor with at least 128 MB of RAM
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows ME
  • Following databases have fully tested and are supported by Mk-1 Licensor Desktop:
            I. Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher
            II. Oracle 8i or higher
            III. Microsoft Access 97 or higher
  • Customer Support:
  • See a list of Common Problems
  • Download higher versions of Microsft Access database for Mk-1 Licensor Desktop:
            Microsoft Access 2000
            Microsoft Access 2002
            Microsoft Access 2003
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