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Common Problems

  • Missing OCX files: Example error messages - "runtime error 339"
    Some users may run into problems that require certain files, such as mscomctl.ocx or mscomct2.ocx. In this case we have provided these files for download at Just save them and read the 'ReadMe.txt' files for instructions for installation.

    Download Runtime OCX Files

    - (USA) - 497KB [ Download MSCOMCTL.OCX from ]

    - (USA) - 330KB [ Download MSCOMCT2.OCX from ]

    - (USA) - 62KB [ Download Comdlg32.OCX from ]

  • Missing file: MSVBVM60.DLL
    Visual Basic Runtimes: Some applications require that certain files are installed on your system to function correctly. Many times installing the visual basic runtime files will solve many errors. If you are experiencing problems with our program please download and install the newest runtime files.

    Download Visual Basic Runtimes Version 6 Service Pack 5
    - (USA) - 1MB [ Download VBRun60sp5.exe from ]
    Look at this knowledge base artcle:Q290887 at;en-us;Q290887

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