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Introducing all new, all powerful Mk-1 Licensor version 1.0: a product that promises to eliminate software piracy by creating a customized License Key for a computer. A License Key generated by using Mk-1 Licensor is valid only on the computer for which it is generated. This eliminates the possibility of more than one person sharing a License Key or registration information, the most common way software products are pirated.

Software piracy is rampant and growing everyday. In fact, it was up 40% in 2002 compared to 2001. It is leading to loss of billions of dollars of revenue for software companies. It is time that you take action and safegaurd yourself against 'software criminals'.

Learn to use this powerful tool to:
1. Eliminate software piracy and copyright infringement of your software products
2. Generate and manage License Keys of software products for your customers
3. Use Mk-1 Licensor as a customer relationship management tool.

You will see an growth in revenue from your software products within no time. We believe that no software product should be without Mk-1 Licensor within it.
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Mk-1 Licensor v1.0
Zip 'n' Split version 1.1 is now available for download
   Having troubles moving large files? Zip 'n' Split is the complete solution:
  • Compress a large file using world's most powerful compression algorithm
  • Split files based on file size or number of pieces
  • Verify split files for accuracy
  • Move split files using floppy and other drives, email or ftp
  • Click to see details, download a trial evaluation copy and take advantage of a promotional offer (while supplies last).
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