The Magente Biz-Tech Experts
Magente helps transform ideas into successful businesses by providing consulting services which validate, implement, and tune technology solutions. Our architects and expert consultants design, develop, and implement solutions for your unique business requirements. Our team consists of experienced and certified professionals with understanding of a wide spectrum of platforms, businesses, technologies and softwares. We boast our knowledge, experience and understanding. We analyze your unique requirements and provide both direction and implementation of solutions.

Our Methodology
Magente Interactive Solutions Framework(MISF) focuses on providing simple, efficient, rapid, disciplined and team-oriented solution development and implentation. The MISF methodology offers clients increased project control by including their staff members in the engagement, ensuring that user needs and business objectives are met at all times.
Phase 1: Solution Blueprint
In order to build successful solution, Magente recommends that we work closely with client's staff to assess client's current architecture and requirements. Magente's time-tested approach that each project, when properly scoped, is delivered on time, within budget and achieves or exceeds client's objectives. Solution blueprint contains Business requirements, Environmental review Time & Budget estimate and a High Level solution design.
Phase 2: Solution Plan
After the Solution Blueprint is approved by the client, Magente will create a solution plan which includes the following: 1) Project plan containing detailed project schedule and 2) Project Specification document containing detailed design architecture.
Phase 3: Solution Implementation
After the Solution Plan is approved by the client, Magente will work on implementing the solution. After completion of the solution, our team works on comprehensive knowledge transfer to ensure success of the project.

Professional Services
Our professional services focuses on customizing Magente products to your requirements. If one or more of our solutions or products meet your requirements, we use that as the starting point in developing a solution for you. This has proven to be a highly effective time and cost saving process to a lot of our customers. Depending on your requirements, we will customize the solution for you. At times, no customization is needed. Professional services also provides maintainance and enhancements of such solutions. This process is rare in the industry and is redefining technology consulting business.

Consulting Services
We provide consulting services for all your strategic and technical requirements. We are primarily focused in 2 areas:
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology
How are we different?
  • Our team consists of smart and certified professionals with a lot of experience in developing successful business and technology solutions. We concentrate not only on the technology, but also the business aspects of your requirements. Hence the name Biz-Tech experts.
  • Our biz-tech experts are not limited to any technology or platform. Because of our knowledge and experience with various contemporary technologies, we are able to propose a technology that is appropriate for your business and functional requirements.
  • We put a lot of emphasis on understanding your requirements and giving a fair estimate of the time and cost to you. This process involves a lot of effort from both sides. We work extremely hard and encourage you to do so during this phase of the project. We make sure that at the end of the process, we have a concrete set of requirements. Our experience and research shows that 90% of Information Technology project either fail or are delayed because the requirements changed too often in the process. That is why this is the most important phase of the project.
  • We seek to minimize development cost and time by analyzing your requirements with our products. If we recognize a match between our existing products and your requirements, we try to propose customization of the products rather than new development. This has saved hurdreds of hours of development time and miilions of dollars for our customers.
  • We have a track record of completing all our peojects within the estimated time and budget. We emphasize on Win-Win solution for both the customer and ourselves. If we believe that we can not complete the project within time and budget, we will not undertake the task.
  • Our customers admire our abilities, ethics, openness and honesty.
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